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 2017-18 Co-Chairs: 

Trina Horine and Nina Weld

The Real Dirt (TRD) is an online, quarterly newsletter produced by the Horticulture Committee for GCA members. Featuring in-depth articles and handy tips for gardeners of all levels, The Real Dirthas something for everyone. From a treatise on the benefits of off-season gardening to the how-to's of espalier, The Real Dirt digs into the heart and soul of the GCA, sharing wisdom from one gardener to another.   Click here to see issues of The Real Dirt.

Tips from the Hortulus Horticulture pros:  

Filling out an entry card for Preview of Spring 2018:

Entry card:  Please DO NOT print this card but use it as a practice card and to prepare the information for the actual card that will be available at Parish Hall.  

Preview Horticulture Entry card:  This is the ONLY card that will be accepted.  They have adapted the GCA form with specific boxes to check, mainly relating to awards.  If you are in town, you are welcome to stop by the Parish Hall on Monday or Tuesday to pick up some entry cards to fill out ahead of time.

A sample is attached, with the boxes numbered - key below...

Here is an explanation- I have numbered the boxes:

1.       Novice- There is a GCA Novice Award in Horticulture- for an individual only, no group entries.

We need to ask the exhibitor (General Info # 11, page 14 of our schedule).

 “Have you ever won first or a GCA Special Award in the horticulture division at a GCA Major Flower Show or a Sanctioned Non-GCA Major Flower Show?”

The Major shows are:

GCA Majors

Zone II Preview of Spring, Greenwich, CT, triennial

Zone IX Memphis GC, Memphis, TN  next show 2020

Zone IX Florescence, Houston, TX garden clubs, last show 2017

Zone XI Show of Summer, Chicago, ILL, next show 2020

Zone XI Art en Fleurs, Milwaukee, Wisconsin area garden clubs, last show 2016

Zone XII GC of Honolulu, Hawaii

Zone XII Portland GC, Portland, OR, next show 2020

Sanctioned Non-GCA Majors


Philadelphia Flower Show, Philadelphia Horticultural Society

Boston Flower and Garden Show, Mass Horticultural Society

Newport Flower Show, Preservation Society of Newport County


2.       GCA Member-

Some awards may only be awarded to GCA Members.


3.       Grown w/o pesticides- in other words, organically, natural methods

4.       Owned for 6 mos.

In order to be eligible for The Wrinkle Propagation and Corning awards

5.       Propagated by Exhibitor  (also for the Wrinkle award)

6.       This plant has never won the Wrinkle or Corning award

a.       The plant/exhibit is the winner, not the owner/grower.
b.      The award may only be given once to that exhibit.

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